Your Guide to Blyss: Adopt a Plant-based Lifestyle Coursebook

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Welcome to Your Guide to Blyss, where I coach you to start and sustain your plant-based journey. Hi, My name is Alyssa Nicole, your Health & Lifestyle Coach. I began my journey in 2015 when a friend's illness sparked a light in me to find out something to help. I believe that the earth provides all that we need to sustain ourselves, and connecting with nature is the best way to have a good quality of life. I have read a few books, articles, and research documents that have helped me change my lifestyle and others around me throughout my journey. My goal is simple: To help you realize your full potential. 

So many people believe that a plant-based diet is too difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. I am here to simplify the process for you. I hope you find this information suits you well and kickstarts your journey to greatness. 

What's included?

  • Accountability and hands-on support

  • Tips and advice to help you get started and not quit

  • Evidence-based information to help you make sound decisions

  • Lots of love and blyss

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You'll get five in-depth courses that teach you how to get started on your plant-based journey.

Lesson 0
Types of Diets & Prevalence of Disease
Lesson 1
Developing Your Mindset
Lesson 2
Goal Setting & Defining You "Why"
Lesson 3
Why Diet's Don't Work
Lesson 4
Fueling Your Body: What & How to Eat
Lesson 5
Menu Planning & Grocery Shopping Tips


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Your Guide to Blyss: Adopt a Plant-based Lifestyle Coursebook

1 rating
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